It is 2395, almost 10 years after the Hobus Supernova and its destruction of Romulus. The Romulan Star Empire remains in constant chaos, still without an established government or ruling body and still in constant civil war about their place in the galaxy. The Romulans are split amongst themselves, some in support of allied assistance to bring themselves back to the power they once were and some holding strong to their personal self-reliance in hopes they will be able to rebuild on their own.

The Federation is torn as well, wanting to assist the Romulans for the sake of galactic stability but feeling the pressures of outside conflicts on their resources. There is only so much they can do if their efforts are well received, and that depends on which Romulan you speak with.

Enter Vice Admiral Conor McGuinness, one of the top agents for Starfleet Intelligence and a widely respected man known for his shameless pursuits of the greater truth. Growing concerns over the state of the Romulan Empire pushed his efforts to maintaining a Federation presence near the Romulan border in hopes to provide a bridge between the two governments and a stable helping hand to the Romulans.

After securing the broken bits of Deep Space 6 which was destroyed in a freak accident in the 2360s, Vice Admiral McGuinness sought to build a brand new state-of-the-art spacedock in the backwoods of the Beta Quadrant. His goal was to continue to offer the Romulans assistance when needed, and to push for Federation exploration into the greater depths of the Milky Way.

Officially christened Deep Space 7, the stardock’s construction has just been completed and is about to be outfitted with some of the brightest minds and strongest wills to protect the quadrant and prevent it from caving in on itself.



If you have that writing itch you just can’t scratch, we can lend a hand! We are a group of quirky, out of this world ridiculous writers and are always looking for fresh blood to join our gang. If you enjoy getting your hands dirty and planting one hell of a character and watching it grow right in front of your eyes, look no further.

Check out the Crew Manifest for the updated openings that need to be filled. We are open to any and all writers and characters (within reason, of course) regardless of skill level. Specialty departments will be accepted on a case-by-case basis.

We look forward to reading your application!


Latest News Items

» New Mission - LINK

Posted on Friday December 7, 2018 @ 10:26am by Lieutenant Commander Ira Skovgaard in General News

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening friends!

I have just opened up the first mission for DS7: LINK. The Romulans will be making themselves known to the crew, which can either be awesome or a disaster. Peter and I will be sending out the first mission log here soon then will be sending out orders for the DHeads. Stay tuned for a cool story.

I'll be leaving the Prologue open so that you can all get your characters onboard and settled and mingled up with the current crew. I am always open for any JLs to get you guys integrated.

If you have any questions or need any ideas, please don't hesitate to ask either myself of Peter for help!


Latest Mission Posts

» LINK's Awakening

Mission: LINK
Posted on Sunday December 9, 2018 @ 9:12am by Vice Admiral Conor McGuinness & Police Commander Paul Reed & Lieutenant Commander Ira Skovgaard & Lieutenant Commander Kerry Malone

Ira looked up from her desk at the now serious face of Admiral McGuinness. Her eyes were a sharp blue and filled with relief.

LINK had given her a gift, though not sizable, that had confirmed what Ira had been fearing: the Romulans were beginning to dip their toes in…

» Important News

Mission: Prologue: New Beginnings
Posted on Wednesday November 21, 2018 @ 3:21pm by Phillip Sharpe & Detective Annie Sharpe

It had been a long time coming. They had been married for almost two years and dating for just as long. Though Annie had been trying to see the positive of still having just her marriage to work on, her very strong pessimistic side liked to rear its ugly head…

» Still a Surprise...

Mission: Prologue: New Beginnings
Posted on Wednesday November 21, 2018 @ 5:38am by Police Captain Matt Butler & Police Sergeant MacKenzie Butler

Matt slowly inched his body up MacKenzie as his eyes reached hers. Even though she technically didn’t look any different than before, now that she was finally his wife, she never looked more stunning. Her soft pale skin was like butter against his as he anchored himself onto his elbows…

» Developing Bonds

Mission: Prologue: New Beginnings
Posted on Monday November 19, 2018 @ 7:43pm by Lieutenant JG Mayzie Kaar & Richard Sharpe


It had been a few days since he'd been to the Hideaway bar when he'd met that Maze character. It wasn't like he was busy or anything, it's just he tried not to frequent the bar like a sad lonely person. Things in his life seemed to be going…

» The Start of a Beautiful Friendship

Mission: Prologue: New Beginnings
Posted on Sunday November 18, 2018 @ 1:44pm by Police Commander Paul Reed & Lieutenant Commander Ira Skovgaard

Ira let out a grunt as she lifted herself up to the next crevasse. The holographic sun’s rays beat down on her exposed skin, causing small sweat beads to form on her fingertips and for her climb to become just a bit more challenging. At least the man knew she…